It’s interesting how life works – one day you’re high and the next you’re low. Some days everything fits together with ease and other days there’s missing pieces all over the place. Sometimes we can’t make sense of things. Sometimes we aren’t meant to. But what we can remember is that navigating these hills and valleys – if we really want to call them that is what this life is all about.

There’s some kind of adventure in the unknown and yet the silly thing about God is he doesn’t leave it “unknown” for too long. It always ends up being revealed. It always ends up making sense – just not always when you want it to. That’s okay right? You can accept the fact that EVENTUALLY it will, can’t you? Not always because we like to know what’s going on as humans and that’s where God sneaks up on us with a lesson in trust and faith. Trusting that it’s happening for a reason and having faith that reason is benefiting you in some way, shape or form.

It’s not easy…trust me I know but this will put it all in perspective for you. When you get in the shower you trust when you turn the handle water WILL come out right? When you put the key in the ignition you trust the car WILL start. When you hit the power button you trust the television WILL turn on. When you put a letter in the mailbox you trust it WILL get to it’s destination. When you get on an airplane you trust the pilot WILL take you where your plane ticket says you’re going. When you make a reservation at a hotel you trust you WILL have a room. So dolls, if you can have so much trust in all these other things that hold some sort of significance in our lives – then why lack trust in a Universal God who has a proven track record of always being on time and always working it out? Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust that it will happen.