You have to release. You have to release and clear space to make room for what you want. My clients lately have gone through brief periods of surrender and release. Of emotions being stirred up, rising to the surface and coming out in anger, confusion and tears. It’s good dolls…it’s ALL good! You know why it’s good? Because when you bump up against those emotions it simply means it’s time for them to go. They’ve emerged because it’s time to release and allow new ones that better serve you in.

So if you’ve felt emotional lately with all this moon activity and a retrograde approaching…it’s cool. Stay calm and let it all rise up. Let it come out how and when it wants and you’ll feel a sudden peace come over you once it leaves. That peace is a beautiful sign you’ve cleared it. That peace is an indicator you now have vacancy within you to welcome in those exciting new manifestations, blessings and love!

Do you know what has happened when all my clients have released? Engagements, breakthroughs, miracles, reconciling, healings and whole lot of freaking happiness! When you make room for the good stuff to enter and release the stagnant old stuff that is no longer serving you; wild things happen; exciting things happen; unexpected things happen. All because they let it out and made room for what they actually wanted. You’ve obviously been asking for something. You’ve been praying about it and probably even wondering about the hows, whens and all those lovely details that are none of our business. Guess what? Those blessings and miracles need SPACE to appear. Let whatever you’re holding inside of you go and welcome in the new right now. It’s so worth it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

On the other side of my tears, my miracle appears. I release to receive.