Can you be happy if you don’t get what you want? That’s a tough question to answer, isn’t it? Your immediate response is probably a “No” but let’s discuss this for a moment: Were you happy before you thought about wanting it? Are you pretty joyful not currently having it? Some of you might argue this – rather your ego will but if you go back and answer this honestly and truthfully you will see that you CAN be happy in the present moment with or without that thing you truly desire.

Admitting that doesn’t mean you won’t get it though! And the reason it’s necessary to realize that you can be is because it’s your attachment that’s keeping it at arm’s length from you. You must surrender to what is in order to get what you want! I often have clients ask me that and I’ll tell you something…I used to fear the same exact thing. That if it took too long to get that thing I wanted, I might forget about it; I might not want it anymore. What if that happened, I thought to myself? What if that whole last part of the manifestation process, where you surrender and accept life exactly as it is without your desire – meant that I wouldn’t actually get it in the end? I know some of you have thought this or a variation of it. You’ve considered the fact that as “time” passes you’ll just go on living and forget all about it and what if it pops back up later…will I not want it anymore? Don’t feel strange thinking any of this – it’s totally common, or should I say human of you.

You know the saying, “What’s for you, will not pass you by”? It holds true dolls. Whether life goes on or not…what’s MEANT for you WILL always return. What’s MEANT for you will be yours and what that truly means is even as “time” passes…when (yes…WHEN) your desire shows up, you WILL want it. Right now you might worry or fear that you won’t. Then that whole thought about ‘attracting what we think about’ creeps in and you wonder, “well if I stop thinking about IT, how can it show up?” Because the Universe is conspiring in your favor. If it’s not here yet…it’s coming. It’s being prepared for you and you for it. Whatever time, space or separation might be happening is NECESSARY if it’s happening because nothing is by accident. Trust the flow of life…none of it (not a single bit of it) is by mistake. Your desire will come to you – it’s on it’s way right now and you WILL want it when it arrives because as both you and it are being prepared, it’s going to be better than you ever imagined…especially if that desire has been burning deep in your heart. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The path of least resistance requires me to surrender to what is. By letting go, I let it in.