When you feel lost it’s because you’re not connecting to your source. Sometimes we wait for events to happen in order to feel the magic of the Universe and unfortunately that’s not how this stuff works. Quite the opposite in fact – you need to connect to the magic of the Universe to feel, see and experience the miracles all around you.

See when you’re connected to yourself and the Universe, the mundane can seem extraordinary. You experience synchronicities throughout your entire day that remind you time and time again that something much larger is working on your behalf. That it’s all happening FOR you no matter what the details or the messiness looks like. That love really is everywhere and it extends out and returns in and keeps flowing through the interconnectedness of all people, places and things.

Stop looking OUT THERE. Start looking inside yourself. That inspiration, power, strength is all in you. All you need to do is recognize it. Just let it flow out and God will handle the rest. It’s only your job to unlock it and stop caging it in. The last few days I’ve experienced synchronicities like no other. Miraculous events, messages and signs that cannot be confused for coincidence. It ignited a fire within me that inspired me more than ever. Because the more I saw them, the more I was reassured I was in the flow; I was in balance; I was grounded. That doesn’t mean all the events around me were happening perfectly – but I was at peace no matter what because I was tuned in to the divine flow of it all. I was listening for the wisdom. I was paying attention to the words people spoke and what it was teaching me. That’s the connection you strive for dolls. Because when you start tuning in to this bigger, more powerful Universe of ours and listening for the wisdom it’s providing you FOR YOU, amazing things happen. Things you’d never expect. Miracles unfold. Blessings arrive. BIG gifts show up in your life that you’ve been waiting for because you gave the Universe a giant nod saying, “I love who I am, where I’m going and I trust you’re guiding my way!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am given what I need, when I need it. I go where I'm guided because it's all happening for my highest good.