Change is good right. Gratitude for the change is even better. I’ve spent this entire day in gratitude. I’ll tell you what…it’s life-changing. It doesn’t matter if you have every single thing you desire yet, but it does matter how you PERCEIVE every single thing in your life right now.

We’re always going to have dreams and desires – always. Even when we get the desires we don’t have just yet…we will then want more. We’re human and it’s totally ok to want more however it’s not ok to not be grateful for what you do have because at one point in your life you wanted all these amazing things. Sure they may not appear exactly how you had planned – do they ever? But if you can find what it is that everything is blessing you with, no matter what it looks like on the outside, you will see that you really and truly do have all you desire and need in this very moment.

Remove the anger or frustration. Wipe out that feeling of lack because it hasn’t arrived yet. Now sit in this very moment and look at where you’re at. What are you grateful for? What is this moment providing you with? Every time my dog pops in to beg for a treat while I’m working I pause and say, “Thank you God, I’m grateful for this opportunity to practice being present. I am grateful for another chance to give love and attention to my pooch who always shows me what unconditional love is.” Whenever I found myself wanting to complain that I’m a little under the weather today I stopped and said, “Thank you God, I’m grateful for this reminder that my body needs rest and nourishment too. Thank you for this opportunity to relax and feel what my body is trying to tell me.” And whenever I found myself getting frustrated with where I am in life I paused and said, “Thank you God, I’m grateful that I’m exactly where I am even though it’s not exactly where I want to be. I’m grateful for this opportunity to once again practice patience and trust in all that is unfolding as part of your divine plan.” My heart expanded as I found gratitude in everything that I could have easily turned into a negative and the load I felt I was carrying INSTANTLY lifted. Gratitude dolls…it transforms your life, removes blocks and speeds your blessings. So grateful for all of you reading this words right now! Namaste. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for where I was, where I am and where I'm going.