You deserve to have everything you desire and you deserve it in the best form that serves your highest good. You deserve everything that you would give to you and then some. You deserve blessings upon blessings and all the beauty in the world.

Do you believe that? Really…was it hard for you to read those sentences or do you really KNOW that deep in your soul? It took me years to KNOW that. It took me years to know my worth and what I deserve. But let me tell you something…until you believe it..even an ounce of it – you’ll never be able to receive it. So do you believe that you can have all that you want, need and desire? Do you believe it’s NOT too good to be true?

Because it’s NOT. Trust me when I tell you…it’s NEVER too good to be true. You CAN have it all. You WILL have it all. You deserve it all. You are worth so much and God sees it and knows it and is doing everything in his power to help you to realize it and receive it. But you need to do your part. You need to welcome in whatever is in your highest good. You need to WANT what is best for you. You need to allow what serves you into your life – not just what you’ll accept or settle for. You deserve it all and I dare you to welcome it in right now. I dare you to open your arms and say, “I’m Ready!” I don’t care if you FEEL ready..sometimes those feelings need to play catch-up to what we know to be true. The Universe is fully supporting you in all that you do and providing you with everything you ask for. It’s my prayer for you to realize that you should be asking for only the BEST because you really f&cking deserve it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am worthy of everything I ask for. I receive what I believe I am worthy of right now.