While in church this morning we had a really profound message come through and I truly believe it’s going to resonate strongly with you right now. If you know anything about professional baseball then you know that there’s an American League and a National League. There’s one big difference between the two leagues and that’s that the American League allows for a designated hitter. 

If you’re not familiar with baseball I’ll brief you really quickly – there are 9 positions on the field. If you’re playing in the National League then each player that is positioned on the field also takes a turn up at bat. If you’re playing in the American League you are allowed a designated hitter – which means one player (usually the pitcher) doesn’t have to go to bat…instead they have a select player off the bench replace him in the batting line-up. The reason for this is because the pitcher is not usually the best at bat and by pulling in someone fresh off the bench, the pitcher can sit and rest while the designated hitter handles swinging the bat and getting some runs.

Darlings…you have a designated hitter too. Sometimes we reach the point in a situation where we aren’t sure what to do, what to think or what to say. In those cases we usually try (at least for a while) to figure it out ourselves. We debate and dwell and end up driving ourselves nuts over something that perhaps wasn’t meant to be figured out in the first place. That’s when you need to go sit on the bench and let the designated hitter handle this sh*t for you. God/Universe has your back. Let him step in and hit the ball out of the park for you…that’s what he’s there to do anyhow! You don’t need to do it all alone…you have a gigantic powerful Universe behind you all the way and instead of swimming around in the mental confusion…step off the field, take a break and let him make a huge play! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I let go and let God handle it for me.