What would happen if for every fear you had you replaced it with faith. For every worry or doubt you literally just reversed that feeling by reminding yourself that you CAN do it and CAN have it! Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Just reverse the feeling. Sometimes though that really is all you need to do in order to reclaim your power.

See we give our power away in situations when we start to doubt. We play small and huddle in a corner saying, “No not me…never me…I’m not worthy.” But that couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. That isn’t you at all. You aren’t small…you are limitless and powerful by nature because that’s how God created you. You have the entire Universe IN you. Believing you aren’t worthy of goodness is like the sun believing it can’t shine – it’s insane! We hand our power away because we start comparing sh*t to what was. We let thoughts run rampant in our minds reminding us of THAT TIME in the PAST where something didn’t go OUR way. Don’t you know everything goes your way…even if it goes the opposite way you expect?!

Yes…it’s true. Even when something happens that you didn’t necessarily WANT to happen…it’s happening for a reason. Tired of hearing that yet? It is…it’s making way, parting seas, paving paths to get you where you asked to go. Maybe you’re just a little too attached to HOW it unfolds and that’s why you’re harping on that old sh*t. Point is that whether you go left at the fork in the road or go right….the paths are leading to the same outcome. That’s how God works. You can’t f&ck this sh*t up at all. It’s already well planned out. It’s like the GPS constantly recalculating when you REFUSE to take it’s route. How it unfolds is helping you with WHAT is unfolding…duh! The HOW is not your business…it’s God’s. The WHAT is all yours dolls. Enjoy asking for WHATEVER you want and leave the route to arrive there up to God. He’s taking you the way that serves you best…and even if some sh*t seems similar to the past…that’s only because he’s helping you get rid of your resentment around what was so you don’t carry it with you into what IS unfolding. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I replace my fears with faith. I don't need to know how it'll happen, I just know it will.