Sunday’s always a great day because it rejuvenates me. It’s also a day where I get more time to indulge my mind, body and soul into things I love – reading, cooking, movies and church. I draw a lot of inspiration from many places, but on Sunday’s it always seem to be church for the win!

Today’s message was so spot on that I couldn’t resist writing about it. If we keep a record of everyone’s wrongs, we’ll never notice when they do something right. You don’t want to only see the wrongs a person has done to you or in their life when you look at them. You want to see the love you have for them. If you walked around tallying up everything everyone has ever done to hurt you, betray you, frustrate you, backstab you, etc. – you’ll never be able to appreciate or enjoy the good that is taking place everyday. Don’t let past hurt steal your joy!

So if we look for what’s right and focus on what’s good, the negatives will disappear. Our list of ‘rights’ will overshadow the wrongs. My pastor gave a great example – in sports, you always put the number of your wins above the number of your losses. The number of wins always precedes because those are your accomplishments and that’s what you want others to hear first. You don’t them to hear all the losses you had – no, those can follow what you’ve done right! We need to take this and use it in life, relationships and friendships. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

No record of wrongs

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