Often times we need to release what once was in our lives in order to move forward and accept the blessings of what is. We all cling to things from the past – even if you don’t realize you’re doing it, subconsciously you often are. I found myself doing this recently and I truthfully had no idea I was even doing it. Being that I do this for a living, I was receiving Universal signs for weeks of the same message – that I needed to let something go. I need to release what was no longer serving me. 



I had no idea what that something was though. In my conscious mind there was nothing there that needed releasing at this moment. But I was guided to sit down in stillness and meditate and ask for wisdom on what this “something” was and how I could cut the chord of it and release for good.

Haven’t I told you that whenever you ASK you ALWAYS RECEIVE!

Well that’s exactly what took place. I received a lot of information. I was receiving messages that actually shocked me – blew my freaking mind! Some of the stuff coming up was from many many years ago. I thought I was “over” it, as we say. I thought I had released this, forgiven and let go for good. Apparently my spirit (as it always does) knew better. Somewhere inside of me out of fear I was clinging to these things. It was old sh*t and it wasn’t necessarily affecting me personally, but it was affecting my progress and my journey. It was blocking me and holding me back.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this.

I could have easily gotten resentful towards myself for clinging to old stuff. I could have gotten angry that here I was trying to move ahead in my life but I was in fact holding myself back. But an overwhelming sense of gratitude filled me as this stuff came up. It wasn’t anger and it wasn’t resentment – it was tears and laughter. It was shock and a lot of “Oh My God, REALLY!” My heart was filled with such gratitude for everything I had gone through, everything I had grown from, everything that I had overcome that I was in such a zen state of thanks, I didn’t want my meditation to ever end. I reviewed my life thus far in that instant and was so humbled by my strength and my power, by my heart and my spirit that I had no words to put on paper after it ended.

Usually I journal everything that came up during my meditation. But this time – this time I left it right where it was.

I realized that this release wasn’t about forgetting my past, it was about looking back at it with loving eyes and a grateful heart. It was about being ever-so thankful for what was because without it all, what IS currently in my life, wouldn’t have been brought to fruition. 

So I said Thank You and let it go.

It now lives behind me but in peace, covered in love, surrounded by gratitude.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you feel like something or someone is holding you back in life. If you feel blocked – you are being called to release. If you would like to schedule a Free 30-Minute consult with me via Skype or Google Hangout we can talk about what it is you need to let go of to move ahead in your life. I am just an email away [ NJSelfHelp@Gmail.com ] and I cannot wait to get you started on this journey of freedom!

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