I’ve talked so many times about the power of our words and thoughts. There’s energy in them and for you science buffs, you should know how energy works. We could dive into quantum physics but I’m not in the mood for that today so for now I’ll break it down the best way I know how so you get a better understanding of why I provide you with daily affirmations on the website.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says that the power of “I AM” is beyond powerful. It’s creating what you are right now and what you want to be. What are the words you’re speaking to yourself when no one’s listening? They could be so natural to you that you don’t even catch them. “I am so stupid.” You ever tell yourself that? I have, many times. In a fit of frustration, “I am so dumb.” Or even those self-deprecating jokes you make at times, “I am so ugly,” or “I am fat.”

I have done all of the above and then some. “I am worthless,” “I am broke,” and the list goes on. When I spoke these things to myself in my head or even out loud, that was what I attracted into my life – like a magnet. Now I’m not saying I told myself I’m fat and suddenly I became fat – or I told myself I’m broke and lost all my money – no, no, no! I spoke these negative words and attracted more negativity. The longer you tell yourself something, the more you’re going to believe it. I was filling my head, my soul and my space with negative ideas and negative thoughts when I didn’t need to. I was miscreating these ideas myself. I’m far from stupid and I’m definitely worthy of so much.

This goes for you too. That’s why I give you an affirmation a day. It’s something to remind you to keep your mind positive. It’s a powerful sentence to repeat through your day when you get down or stressed or upset. When you feel like there’s no hope. When you can’t see the good – you can still speak it! It flips what you perceive as a negative into a positive. Speak it into existence! It’s not only uplifting for your spirit, but also for your mind. One sentence, one thought so powerful can alter the energy of your entire day!

My only wish is that you try one, just one time. You have nothing to lose, just so much to gain. I know it’ll open your eyes to seeing things in your life in a new light while attracting so much goodness your way! Namaste my loves, remind yourself, “I AM POWERFUL!” 

xo Amy