Sometimes we don’t know we’re learning until we learn. Growing until we grow. My advice though, don’t analyze your days, ride them out and trust what’s happening is for your benefit. I have a brief story to share and I wouldn’t even call it a story – more like an awakening….a revelation I had just yesterday and it excited me!

So here we go: 

I write these affirmations daily as a practice for maintaining a positive mindset. It’s a tool I use in my own life and for my clients. I simplify super, ultra, mega deep spiritual concepts and break them down into practical every day situations, metaphors and examples so the non-spiritual folks – the anti self-help people – the people who sometimes look at this way of living as a bunch of magical nonsense, can grasp it. So everyone can take these “ideas” and apply them to their life. That’s why I call it “practical spirituality”.

The funny thing is that I don’t necessarily ‘plan’ out what to write everyday. I write what comes to me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But this is how silly the Universe is….

Here I am writing these affirmations for you, clients and myself and what I’m writing I have either learned, am learning or (here’s the Universe’s sense of humor coming into play..) am ABOUT to re-learn.

Oh yeahhh..I write these and that ends up also being MY lesson that day without me even realizing it. Events unfold unbenounced to me and BOOM when I have moment I realize..”Hey…I freakn’ wrote this this morning!” Be it a reminder for me to check myself and my thoughts and actions (remember: the teacher is ALWAYS the student) or it’s simply time for me to master that lesson and move forward onto the next. Either way…when that happened to take place yesterday for me a lightbulb went off and I realized I should also remind you all of something:

~ ~ NEVER QUESTION anything unfolding right now. Allow it to happen and let it be what it is. It’ll make sense later – just like it did for me. ~ ~ 

It didn’t click right away for me. But I felt it in my spirit. I felt uncomfortable with my day and I was embracing it because I wanted to understand why. If you know me at all, you know I’ve ALWAYS been a person that needs to fully understand something, make sense of it to get it and then I can move on. My own spiritual mentor used to get so frustrated with me when I would question everything. She was interpreting my questions as a lack of faith in what is unfolding. I have now realized it was partly that at the time, but the intent of it coming from my core was to understand it in my soul so I could grasp it and really make sense of it to learn it. Now that I’ve cleared out the clutter over the years, grounded myself and have unwavering faith – my questions come out to my mentor with the loving intent they were meant to have. Not with the doubt and the fear that they were being masked with before.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NEVER QUESTION anything unfolding right

So here’s the deal: 

This weekend – do NOT question anything. 

If something doesn’t go your way, let it happen. If it does go your way, also let it happen. Allow every single thing to unfold as it’s going to. Do not force. Do not control. Do not manipulate. Do not expect. These are hard to do but easy when you remind yourself of this simple concept: Every SINGLE thing (yes, all of it!) is happening exactly how it should. Everything taking place in your life at this very moment (even you reading this) is happening because it’s supposed to. There’s a LESSON in it. You don’t need to understand what the lesson is or even identify how to apply it to your life, career or relationships. But there’s a LESSON and when the time is RIGHT (you don’t make the decision when the time is right). When the time is right, it’ll click. Let it come, let it go and let it be. Let the moments, the banter, the situations, the relationships, the experiences all just flow in and out like the waves of the ocean. When you are MEANT to understand something, trust me…YOU WILL.

Namaste and have a fantastic Friday!
xo Amy 

Winky Boo Wisdom

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