Every now and then I write about a book I’m reading and share some insight from it. Currently I’m in the process of reading Theresa Caputo’s book titled, “There’s More To Life Than This”. If you don’t know who Theresa Caputo is, well she’s better known as The Long Island Medium – who also happens to have a TV show on TLC.


Having worked for spiritual advisors/clairvoyants for 7 years, I obviously find spirit, mediums, psychics all very fascinating. I do believe in them and their abilities (yes you can attend church, believe in God and believe in spirit as well – and no, not all psychics or mediums do voodoo or witchcraft) and I also know that everyone is intuitive and sensitive to spirit themselves – some just more so than others. I’ve become very sensitive myself to spirit, being that I worked for clairvoyants for many years. With that said, when I reached the part of Theresa’s book that speaks about death and what happens after you die, I naturally became very intrigued.

Theresa explains that spirit shares bits of information with her about the afterlife and what happens to our soul when we pass on. See our soul is here in a select body to grow and learn. Once it learns certain lessons, it graduates to different levels of knowledge. When you die your soul leaves your body and you are eventually greeted by your primary guide, who was actually with you spiritually the whole time you were living on Earth (whether you choose to acknowledge it or not). Your primary guide will review your life with you – including everything good and bad – to see and evaluate how well you stuck to the path your soul chose. Yes, your soul chose the body it was in on Earth and it also chose a path to take.

That path was meant to teach your soul certain lessons during your time here, so when you pass you are able to review everything you experienced during your life. The interesting part – you review it through the eyes of the people you knew in the physical world. During the review you will feel the pain, fear, happiness, and whatever other emotions they experienced so you can understand how your words and your behavior create chain reactions. You will emotionally relive what happened during your life.

What is the purpose of all this? Why am I sharing this all with you? This is important to understand now, while you’re still alive because maybe you’ll realize to be kind to those around you. You see while in Heaven, while reliving your life, you’ll discuss how you could have spent your time here differently – especially, as Theresa explains, so certain people wouldn’t have had negative feelings inflicted on them because of your actions, words or behavior.

The past few years I’ve been on a journey – a personal, professional and spiritual one. I don’t mind sharing moments of my life with all of you because I feel when you share you help others understand themselves better. Up until this year I didn’t completely understand my journey. I didn’t know why I worked for psychics for so long, couldn’t understand my bouts in the fashion industry, working with celebrities, entertainment/gossip writing or my other odd quests in life. I never understood why my entire family words in the medical field and I always wanted to take the alternative medical routes. I didn’t quite get why even though I didn’t feel like my life was completely on track – others always seemed to flock to me for advice, wisdom, guidance, etc. It wasn’t until last year that I reached this sort of full-circle moment. This moment where I realized how everything was connected and everything finally made sense. Let me tell you, it’s a great moment to experience, if you ever get there.

Every single thing in your life is connected. Your actions, words, jobs, relationships, friendships, feuds – everything. If you don’t realize it now and accept it – I promise you when you pass on (which we all will do one day) you’ll realize it while you sit there reliving your life through everyone else’s eyes. Knowing this and understanding it should help you accept that being self-aware of your actions and words is a lot more important than you initially thought. It’s not just so we don’t hurt other people’s feelings – it’s because your words can have a strong impact on someone’s soul.


Be kind…always. You’re not the only one fighting a hard battle…in fact, everyone is. You have something to teach someone else. Your soul is placed along other people’s life paths for a reason – a very important reason. A deeper reason that a lot of you might not have known until reading the above. Be good to yourself and to your soul and treat others with love and kindness. In order for your soul to grow, you need to share your wisdom with other souls.

So why exactly am I sharing all of this with all of you? That’s my purpose. I’m days away from earning my official Certification to be a Certified Holistic Life Coach. My experience working with spiritual advisors and clairvoyants, along with my own spiritual journey, God-given wisdom and everything else I’ve experienced in my life has brought me to this point where I’m meant to help others, guide and coach them to a healthier lifestyle. Holistic meaning that I focus on your mind, body and spirit. It’s important for a Holistic Coach to focus on all aspects of your life being in balance and guiding you to use your own intuition and inner wisdom to better your life or particular aspects of your life.

I hope you take something from this and if anything I hope it’s to simply be kind..to everyone you encounter.