So today I took the day “off”. I was sick. You have that ability when you work for yourself and yet usually I work right on through it. Today I decided to listen to my body.

So I slept later.
Gave myself a facial.
Drank a protein shake.
Ate popcorn for lunch.
Gave my dog a haircut.

I had a blast doing not too much except BEING.

All you have to do is choose what you want....

Did I have work to do? Yes.
Conveniently however God orchestrated some cancellations for me to be able to do this.

See how the Universe has your back?
I didn’t plan on taking the day off. I decided last minute. I don’t necessarily enjoy cancellations BUT everything happens for a reason. Today’s reason = give yourself what your body needs.
God knew what was up. He knew my body was calling for rest and restorative measures.

Moral of the story: Don’t feel guilty. Do what you need to do. The work will be there when you’re ready and you’ll know when you’re ready to begin again.

I didn’t turn my computer on until 3 pm today. Can I just tell you how magical that was! Technology breaks are a MUST when you work with energy. The moment I did, I was flooded with clients needing me. God had it all timed. I didn’t need to worry. I had no reason to feel guilty. Sometimes we just need rest. Sometimes that’s the creative process sparking some good sh*t inside of us without our knowledge. Sometimes it’s God’s way of chilling you out so you don’t have to force yourself to stop thinking about stuff, so he can simply do what he does.

The moment I needed rest…I was given space to rest. The moment I was ready to work…they came calling.

Follow your instincts.
Listen to your body.
Let go of the freaking guilt.
Don’t compare yourself. Don’t judge yourself. And please don’t ignore your needs.
Because when you listen to them…the Universe rearranges everything on your behalf.

Gosh…sick days…they do a body, mind and soul SO good! xo

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