We’re approaching the end of the month and though the weather has thrown us for quite a loop (considering it IS supposed to be Spring), the planets, sun and moon are rotating back into position that will favor us. It’s amazing the places that I get messages from – sometimes out of thin air, sometimes from music, my dreams while I’m sleeping, meditation, a cup of tea (I’ll explain later), TV and other times I’m browsing online and BAM something straight-up hits me in the face (no, not literally – that’d be weird).

So it all started yesterday (Wednesday), I signed online, was doing some blogging and social media work and I get this message, “A time of positive change. A situation suddenly moves forward. Fortune is on your side.” Then I go pour myself a cup of Yogi tea – now if you drink Yogi tea then you’re aware the tea bags come with little messages on the end. My first cup of tea said, “When we practice listening, we become intuitive.” A few hours later I decide upon another cup of tea, same flavor – I open the tea bag, to my surprise it says, “When we practice listening, we become intuitive.” OK…ok…I get it, I hear you LOUD and clear! Just to be clear, this never happens – or at least has never happened to me. Sure there’s ‘x’ amount of tea bags in a box, and for as long as I’ve been drinking Yogi (a few years) I’ve never had a repeat message – let alone 1 in the same day, hours apart.

I’m sure you’re thinking ‘what’s the big deal?’ or better yet, ‘Amy, where’s my affirmation?’ I’m getting there right now! When you STOP looking, you’ll find what you’re looking for. I know, it’s cliche – but in theory it’s true. When I’m searching for a sign or a message, I can’t seem to get one even when I start praying and begging for one. But when I stop focusing on it, the Universe delivers it to me – sometimes on my TV screen, sometimes in my tea cup. So earlier I said that ‘a situation suddenly moves forward’ and that astrologically everything is rotating back into our favor – whatever you’re dealing with, you will get through. Be still and practice LISTENING to everything around you – the signs are there and they are being delivered to help you remain patient and tell you what to do next. They did this for me yesterday and are continuing to do so today. Don’t LOOK for them…LISTEN. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am listening and receiving the Universal signs.