Life is comprised of situations we create for ourselves. Let me explain – if you think about something enough, eventually – energetically it’s going to manifest into your reality. Good or bad things. So when you get mad at your circumstances, you need to stop pointing the finger at everyone else and look within yourself.

It’s not an easy task to take responsibility for situations we aren’t too happy about. But this is how energy works. This is how negative energy wins – it makes you believe the bad in all things. It blinds you from the good. It clouds the truth. When you feed into it, you give it more power over you and your life. When you dismiss it, it loses strength. Yes, it’s that simple. But the mind is such a complex creature that works simplistically, we often get confused. We struggle, doubt and question. We aren’t able to grasp how a simple switch in perception can alter an entire reality – but it can. It still can, no matter what you have happening in your life right now, it can. Change your perception. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Control of creating my life

Winky Boo Affirmations

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