Sometimes we’re so busy wishing for what we “want” we lose sight of what we may actually “need.” I’m guilty of it, as I’m sure maybe just a few of you reading this are (or more)! There are times when we think we know what’s best for us, when really God has something else in store. We can hold on to those wants so tight that it may actually delay our blessing or worse, our breakthrough.

Listen, if you understand the way the Universe works, then you know very well that eventually what is MEANT to happen, will always happen. You can take the short route or the long route and even get lost along the way, but EVENTUALLY (go ahead, repeat that!) what’s MEANT to happen, WILL in fact happen. But, is there something that you’ve been praying for, for such a long time, something that you really WANT and it just hasn’t come yet? If there is, then let me put this thought in your brain – perhaps YOU need to change what you’re doing. Maybe, just maybe you haven’t been blessed with it yet because you aren’t ready for it yet. Take a look at yourself – your thoughts and even your actions.You could be missing something right in front of you.

That dream job you’ve been hoping for may just possibly be around the corner, but you need to release your hold on something else in your life first. That relationship you were hoping for a commitment out of might just not be the best thing for you right now. Take a step back, God knows what’s up and he won’t steer you wrong. Listen, observe and breathe, it’ll all fall into place just how it should in due time. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I release my wants into the Universe and trust that I will be given what I need.