Hurt people, hurt people. It’s true. Before we’re quick to respond, or worse, react – we need to keep this in mind. People act out, cause pain and say mean things because they are hurt. It doesn’t matter if that hurt was caused by you and now you’re on the receiving end or not. It could have been created decades prior to even knowing that person, but you’re receiving the tail-end of their pain. It’s hard to not be affected by this. We are human beings. However, situations will have less affect on you when you better understand why it’s happening.

You don’t have to study Psychology to understand why people act the way they do. You just need to grasp this basic lesson: if someone hurts you or comes at you the wrong way it’s usually due to their own pain. Projection is the easiest way for emotionally wounded individuals to cope. It’s not right, it’s never okay, but we can only be responsible for our own words and actions. So knowing this now, the next time you’re in a situation that isn’t exactly kosher, you can breathe instead of react because silence is more powerful then words ever could be. You are also demonstrating a love, understanding and a valuable lesson for another human being when you allow them that space to feel their pain they’ve just tried to place on you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

With Love

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