Sometimes we are continually seeking the answers to things and we feel like we’re getting radio silence everywhere we turn. When we receive silence it’s usually because we’re not ready to receive the answer yet (good or bad). However, you know that saying, “silence is deadly.” It is! Silence is a real patience-tester. If you’ve been praying the same prayer or asking the same questions for months and receiving nothing in response to them, stop! Stop and let it go. That doesn’t mean what you’re asking for isn’t going to happen and it also doesn’t mean you’ll have to live without ever getting an answer – it just means it’s not TIME yet.

Our time and divine timing are two totally different things. God’s time is not actual time as we know it. It’s basically where we are along our individual journeys. If we haven’t learned an important lesson yet that we need to learn BEFORE this particular thing takes place – then it’s not TIME yet. If we haven’t overcome something, achieved something or been introduced to the right people yet prior to what we’re asking for – it’s probably not TIME yet. Trust divine timing! Let God be God – he knows what’s up – he knows exactly what he’s doing. We don’t understand it 99.9% of the time and we’re not meant to – we’re meant to trust. We need to understand that even when we’re receiving silence, there’s A LOT going on behind the spiritual scenes that we have no clue about. We’re being set up and placed in position for things we couldn’t even imagine. Hold tight, be strong, have faith and be patient – you’ll get what you’re seeking at exactly the RIGHT TIME! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Divine Right Timing

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