The sun always shines when the clouds part. We all go through moments of struggle or darkness. I say moments, because that’s all they are. Even if they last a few years, time doesn’t exist when we speak spiritually. So they are “moments” because it’s like chapters in a book – it may continue from chapter 5 – 7 but once those lessons are learned (because that’s all they are) you will be “brought out”. We also all go through periodic daily struggles – be in mental, emotional or even physical. But just like a thunderstorm, the clouds always art and the sun will shine through.

I’ve told you that you may be feeling more emotional and even tired this week because of the planetary movement, Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, etc. etc. etc. But the clouds are parting now and things should feel a little lighter and be a bit clearer. Now, Mercury is still in Retrograde, but the energy is calming down until it’s mid-point on the 16th. So reflect on the emotions you’ve been feeling if you haven’t yet and now it’s time to release them – completely! They were stirred up to TEACH you something – could be patience, empathy, compassion, trust, etc. I had my own lessons I was learning the last few days and today is a new day and I can attack it with new wisdom from these lessons. What were your lessons? What was brought up that got you anxious, nervous or even angry? It’s time to turn the page, but acknowledge your lessons first and step into the next chapter fuller, wiser and happier. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I always see light through the darkness.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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