Give and share. A lesson we often hear but feel we need to receive in order partake in. Not true – give and share with everyone. We are all connected and all one, thus when we share and give we are always fully provided for and compensated. Meaning, we always receive what we put out. This lesson is also often misunderstood because we feel we need to ‘have‘ in order to give. The definition of ‘have’ can be construed to thinking it’s strictly material items. Again, not true! You already have everything within you.

Yes, you are fully abundant and wise and beautiful! This is already inside of you. The problem is we’ve closed that door on the inside so we can’t see it right now. We’ve been peering through the wrong door. The ego-minded door. The door that makes us feel fearful and on the defense. The door that makes us label and analyze and judge. This is not our true selves. God doesn’t judge and God gives all to all. Being that God is IN us, we are like God. We are meant to share and give and spread the gifts we’ve been given FREELY. We didn’t pay for these gifts, we were given them lovingly and thus are meant to share and spread them lovingly. Giving and sharing what you have without expectation or judgement allows others to see your true self (your spirit). This awakens their spirit within them. This is where healing begins. You heal your mind (the one that was peering through the fearful door) as you help others heal (their mind from fear) by merely sharing and giving openly, lovingly and freely. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am sharing and giving my gifts freely and lovingly.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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