Taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself, fulfilling your own needs is something so many of us overlook on a daily basis. This is something that needs to be done daily and yet we let work, bills and stress and just everyday happenings interfere with the time that is so very crucial for our souls to reenergize and thrive. You see because everything we see and experience is a projection or reflection of our own internal feelings and thoughts, caring for ourselves and taking time to love ourselves needs to be our top priority.

You always hear people say, “If you can’t take care of you, how will you be any good for anyone else.” It’s truer than you may want to believe. The stress you feel, the heaviness on your shoulders, that’s your spirit telling you it needs some tender loving care. We need to start paying attention to these things. You can’t give much if you aren’t filling yourself up constantly. If you aren’t leaning into joy and making yourself happy, how can you help make anyone else happy? I too sometimes get caught up and don’t realize I’m “drained” until my body starts speaking to me. I get exhausted even when I’ve slept well. My brain gets foggy when I try to write. This is my bodys way of saying, “Hey Amy, PAUSE for a damn second will ya. Take today for you. Be gentle with yourself. It’s time to fill up the tank again.” Just like your car needs gas, oil, air in the tires and a tune-up – your body does too. When you make your health and happiness the priority above all else, you will notice a shift in all your interactions and environments. Because the way you treat yourself will be mirrored by everything you see, feel and experience. It’s not selfish to give yourself love. It’s a priority. The love, the joy, the happiness, the peace, the strength, the abundance – that will all MIRROR how you are treating you. So if you want the best, treat yourself the best you can. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am loving and caring for myself and allowing the Universe to mirror my actions.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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