Doors are opening for you….but are you paying attention? Mindfulness is a daily practice. Being in tune to the present moment and aware of synchronicities is an extremely powerful way of receiving divine guidance every day. There is such comfort in knowing you have heavenly support no matter where you are.

While I was on vacation, I thought I was going to lose focus on my daily practices. I thought I’d be so caught up that I’d forget to meditate or notice divine signs. Boy was I wrong! Whether I was at the airport, the beach, in the hotel or in a cab – I think I was receiving more signs than ever because I was getting hit form all angles. Repeating numbers, feathers, messages, synchronicities, and even deja vu! It’s funny what happens when you awaken – you receive minute by minute guidance by simply opening your ears and eyes.

Being out of my daily routine taught me something incredible though and that’s to just relax. Sometimes I panic I won’t have enough time in my day to accomplish every little practice that fills my soul and by doing so I create stress and worry in my own environment. But while I was away, I had no choice but to just go with the flow and take advantage of little moments that presented themselves to meditate or write or read. I didn’t have to stress about my “routine” because God has a way of making everything work out just the way it should. I could live in the moment and be present and still be able to do my spiritual practices knowing I was fully supported in doing so. I trusted that if the time wasn’t there to read as I would normally do, that it was meant to be that way. I knew when a cab randomly drove by with the phone number being “999-9999” that it was a specific sign for me in that moment. I knew that as I explored national parks and beautiful beaches that when a butterfly or bird or a feather appeared out of nowhere that everything was as it should be. You don’t have to look hard for comfort and support dolls. It’s literally presenting itself to you all day long, the question is, are you willing to see it? Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I can relax knowing everything is as it should be.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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