Value your power. We are all very powerful beings – but most of us downgrade this believing we hold no power at all. Our power resides in our thoughts. Our thoughts are energy. Our words are energy. Everything is energy. This energy is what gets sent out into the world around us and creates what we experience.

When you don’t value your power, you don’t watch your thoughts. You allow the negative and positive to flow to you and through you as if it doesn’t matter. You say whatever comes to mind without realizing that one simple word or thought can shift your entire experience. I’m not saying this to scare you from speaking or even thinking for that matter – I’m saying this so you learn to value yourself and the power you hold properly. 

So how exactly do you do that? Be kind to yourself. It starts with you. When you love you and are kind to you and gentle with you – it extends outward. When you feel good with yourself, you exude joy. That joy seeps into your mind and you think joy and you speak joy. I don’t share these bits of wisdom to frighten you – I share them to help you enhance your life. So today, focus on making YOU happy and doing what brings YOU joy. You will see as you lean towards joy, your mind will follow, then your words and then there will be a shift in your entire world. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I value my power. (1)

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