Focus on what you do want. So easy to say right? But a little difficult to do sometimes. Our mind wanders. It’s easily influenced by the smallest triggers and BOOM before we know it we’re playing a terrible game of hide and seek with truth because we got swallowed up by our ego. That’s what happens though! That’s what’s always going to happen. The ego works double-time when you redirect your attention. It works hard at stealing your peace and making you panic and that’s only because it cannot survive in a calm environment.

So instead of panic because you already know it’s going to try to work it’s trick on you, relax and just focus on what you do want. When thoughts pop up that try to turn your attention to something that you don’t want – just relax a little more and redirect back to what you do want. We make it harder when we think, “OH MY GOD there are those negative thoughts again!” We’re only adding fuel to the fire because we’re focusing extra hard on the sh*t we do not want. So just calm down, relax and think about what it is you desire. The more you relax, the more those negative vibes will flow right over you and pass you by. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am focusing on what I do want.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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