Sometimes we obsess over the smallest things that we forget the larger picture. We focus intently on minute details but don’t realize often those little things are easily forgotten and it’s what’s important that usually remains in our memories for years to follow. Are you obsessing over something lately? Like I tell all my clients, if you’re focusing to the point where you’re trying to force an outcome, you need to detach and relax.

I know “relax” has been a huge theme lately but it’s what seems to be unfolding for a lot of people. We lose our patience very easily as humans because we live in a society of having to have it now. We can get our emails, messages, photos and schedule all sent to us in seconds on our phones. We can call up, order food and within minutes it’s at our doorstep. We can buy some random sh*t online and have it in our hands the very next day if we choose. There really isn’t much we need to “wait” on these days and so the lesson of patience seems to be overlooked, forgotten and thrown away with yesterday’s garbage.

When you get everything so easily, you can lose your appreciation for having it that much quicker because there was no “waiting period”. That waiting period is a time of growth. That waiting period gives you strength and wisdom. That waiting period prepares you for what is coming. So yes, even though it’s nice to have some stuff arrive on the spot – there are other things we might just not be ready for yet because we need to learn some other stuff in that waiting period. Relax and release your attachment to the outcome. Don’t force, just chill. It’ll arrive in due time and until then breathe easy knowing what you ordered is already at your doorstep, you just aren’t home yet to see that it’s there….but you’re on your way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am relaxing and releasing my need to control. I trust what I desire is on it's way to me right now.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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