Find comfort in knowing that everything is working out in your favor. Find peace in knowing it’s all unfolding exactly as it should. It’s hard to trust that whole concept sometimes, isn’t it? It’s difficult when you think you know better than the Universe. It’s frustrating when you think there should be an easier way.

Guess what? We don’t need to understand everything. We just don’t. I know that as humans we would like to but sometimes it’s just better to let it all be and know the outcome will be beautiful. Because the truth is that it will be. Think about a time that something was unfolding stressfully for you and you were freaking out about it. Now think about how it all ended up shifting in your favor. Maybe it didn’t happen immediately or perhaps it did – either way when you look back now, you see why it all needed to unfold that way. 

Our humanly side wants the why’s, how’s and when’s of everything in life. Our spiritual side knows that all is well – no matter what you see in front of you. Keep in mind that nothing is happening to harm you. Everything is happening to benefit you. Yes even the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly.” Every single bit of it is benefiting you! Breathe through that and believe that very soon you will see that thing shift in your favor. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace knowing it's all working out in my favor.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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