When life slows you down or something gets delayed, that’s the Universe’s way of saying….“We’re working out some kinks to make this even MORE amazing than you dreamed…stay tuned..” But as humans we panic or freak out or get frustrated. We question “Why me” or worse…try to force an outcome sooner.

But when things slow down or get delayed if you could perceive this as a lesson in trust and a way to practice your patience – things will actually speed up for you. Let me explain: Spiritually, we speed up by slowing down. When we welcome a delay with open arms and surrender to it knowing fully well that it’s happening FOR our benefit – we speed up whatever is manifesting in our favor. When we resist these divine delays, we slow down our desires from getting to us when we want. We actually create more of a delay because we’re resisting the lesson.

Never try to rush or force anything…divine timing is magical dolls! I apply this lesson to every single thing in my life – from traffic delays to sleeping through my alarm clock. I use it in business and friendships and relationships. People wonder why I move through life looking unphased or unaffected by much. I appear calm, cool and collect to them and they can’t figure out why. This is why dolls! I trust God. I trust the Universe is handling my sh*t for me. I trust that everything will take place at exactly the RIGHT time it needs to and if I just step aside and relax a while, I’ll see it all unfold a whole lot faster in real-time. Every single thing in our lives (yes EVERYTHING) happens for a reason – that text message, that missed call, that delayed meeting, that horrible day at work, that strange interaction with a neighbor and even that friendship ending or car accident. All of it. Believe me when I tell you that it will ALL make sense later and by later I mean really soon…until then just chill out and know it’s all good – every single bit of it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust the timing of my life. I speed up in receiving my desires by slowing down and surrendering to divine time.