The world you see is a limited version of what is really there. It is our human body that limits us. However, internally we are pure spirit and so we are limitless creatures. The reason there’s discord between this link of understanding is merely because our human mind (our ego) believes it’s totally separate from our spirit. Now think about it…your heart isn’t separate from your human body. Your mind isn’t separate from your human body. None of your internal organs are separate from your human body. So how irrational does it sound for our ego to believe that our spirit that is within us all is separate?

Quite delusional! And yet, it strongly feels it’s accurate in this assessment and so that is why we operate through a split mind. That is why we limit ourselves from what we see and what we feel is able to be accomplished because our human mind feels it has to do everything itself. It tries to rely on it’s own power – which is very limited. Our spirit knows we have this infinite amount of power at our fingertips, capable of ANYTHING we could desire and all it simply takes is us to acknowledge it is there in order to have access to it. It’s like if you didn’t need to buy a separate type of ticket to sit in first class on the airplane. All you had to do was know it existed and go find a seat. Without acknowledging it existed, you’d be stuck in the back of the plane with very little leg room and no access to all the amenities that first class offers. BUT (for the sake of this article) if you acknowledged first class was there, and walked boldly up the aisle to find a seat, you would have access to a whole different world on that airplane…wouldn’t you?

Well that dolls….is how this life operates. Just acknowledge there is something larger than you always guiding, always protecting and always giving you everything you need. Stop relying on your own power and understanding because you are restricting what could be. You are limiting what could happen. You are downgrading yourself into a cramped seat that doesn’t recline when you could have access to extra leg room, a spacious chair and your own personal tv. Now…all you need to say is, “Go ahead…I surrender. I know you’ve got something BETTER up your sleeve and I’m ready for it, so show me something amazing!” Then step aside and let the magic happen because it’s going to blow your mind dolls. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am limitless when I step aside and let the Universe work its magic.