I dropped into a deep surrender today after realizing I no longer operate from pain. I no longer see only illusion. I only see truth and if for the brief second my ego pops up and has me seeing through the eyes of fear…I shift my focus back to proper perception. That proper perception ALWAYS is that this situation is an opportunity to heal.

When you recognize that nothing is by accident, there are no coincidences and everything has been divinely timed and planned for your healings to occur – life gets super groovy. You see situations very differently. You perceive people and their words and actions – whether they come out nicely or rudely, as a way to HELP you. EVERYONE is helping you dolls! You weren’t put here by accident. Life isn’t just a giant free-for-all of confusion and finding ways to just survive. Life actually has sh*t sorted out for you and it’s your FREE WILL choice whether to heed the advice and guidance always provided and use it to help yourself or ignore it and go on your merry way.

Eventually everyone choose to seek the guidance. That’s the truth! Eventually they can’t go any further on their own accord or power. When you have access to something so powerful and all-knowing…it’s hard to ignore it. When you do ignore it, you will constantly feel the struggle, the confusion, the despair that is merely of your humanly shell. That ego of yours which is your human side will always try to direct your steps and again it is your free will to listen or not. If your intention is peace, choose to listen to the divine guidance always being brought your way. Pay attention to what is said to you. Pay attention to the interactions you have. It is all helping you learn and heal. It is all teaching you about YOU. Healing doesn’t take a lifetime dolls…and it sure doesn’t need to take weeks or months. Healing of your self-perception can occur in an INSTANT if you just choose see through the eyes of peace. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Every interaction is an opportunity to perceive myself truthfully and heal.