Do you know that the moment you start loving yourself wholly, the entire Universe conspires to reflect back that exact feeling? That’s kind of trippy, isn’t it! No effort, no work, no labor – just you learning to love you, appreciate you, cherish you, respect you, trust you, commit to you and BOOM like magic you receive it all back from every area of your life.

We hear a lot about “loving ourselves” these days but a lot of my clients come to me asking “HOW”? It’s a good question considering I had no idea HOW to love myself for many years. It’s nice to say and sure anyone can try to look in a mirror and say they like what they see but THAT isn’t the act of loving yourself wholly. Loving yourself wholly and completely means you love ALL of you. Your f&ck ups, mistakes and quirks. Your passions, successes and goals. Your fears and limiting beliefs. Your body, mind, spirit and soul. Your attitude, heart, compassion and character. Loving yourself totally and completely for all that you are, ever were and will be.

So if you can start reminding yourself on the daily that the more you embrace YOU and adore YOU – the whole world will join in too, then darlings that’s all you need to know! Focus your attention inward and let everything else be your mirror. The more you love what you see within you, the more you’ll really love what you see around you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am one-of-a-kind. My love for my authentic self makes me completely unstoppable.