What is the story you tell yourself daily? Is it one of fear and worry? Is it one of power and strength? Our world is only a reflection of our thoughts and so ask yourself, what is it I’m telling myself and believing to be true? I used to assign myself the role in my story of being powerless and defeated. I used to put myself at the mercy of everyone and thing around me. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for many years and so the more I awakened and shifted my energy, words, thoughts and feelings, my entire life began to shift in an instant. Powerless doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary anymore!

Nowadays I assign myself the role of being fearless and powerful. I’m strong and beautiful and unstoppable. I’m unforgettable, irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind. Dolls….what is your story? What role do you play in it? Does it feel good…because if it doesn’t feel good, it’s time to rewrite that story. The goal is to align yourself with what feels good for you. Not what feels good for others…what is your truth? What makes you happy? These are what you focus on, think about, talk about and enjoy and the more you do, the easier life seems to get.

Life isn’t supposed to be hard. It shouldn’t be heavy and full of fear. It’s easy if you relax and let it flow. It’s light and fun when you choose to drop the struggle and tell yourself a different story. The story where you are powerful. The story where the only pain you feel is the pain you choose to feel because you recognize that’s all these emotions are, choices. The story where love isn’t scary and life is beautiful. The story where you remember you can have it all so you can stop limiting yourself to just a piece when you can have the whole. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am limitless and unstoppable. I can have it all the moment I believe I can.