Everything that’s meant to be, will be. You know that right? Everything that’s meant to be yours, WILL be. It doesn’t matter what is unfolding in your life right now because what is divinely yours, will be yours. You don’t have to worry or panic or force or try to control anything. God is working FOR you, not against you dolls…be patient and you will see it all come together in the most miraculous way.

Trust and faith have come up a lot lately in client sessions. Trusting that everything happening is benefiting you in some way, shape or form and having faith that even if it looks bad, it’s all good. As humans we like to know things. We want to know right now the why’s, how’s, what’s and when’s of everything going on. We want to know why we feel certain ways and what is it teaching us. How are particular situations benefiting us and when will it all change into what we truly desire it all to be.

Let me put it to you this way – the answers WILL be revealed to you. You don’t have to search for them. You don’t even have to sit and ponder what they could be. Leave it alone and stop trying to figure it all out. Embrace ‘what is’ no matter what it looks like and just trust that it’s good. Something I’ve started practicing is saying “I’m grateful” for every single thing that happens, whether or not it looks “bad” or “good”. Good and bad are just labels that we assign to things based on experience and perception. Try shifting your perception and recognizing that the delays, obstacles, setbacks, rejections, disappointments, accidents and sickness ARE ALL HELPING YOU. They are in fact lining you up with exactly what it is you desire to have in your life. Trust that it’s ALL good! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust that it is all good. Everything happening is benefiting me.