Sometimes OUR plan doesn’t turn out the way we thought it should. Sometimes our path appears to be crooked and bumpy. Sometimes we feel like we’re going nowhere fast…right? Why are we so quick to judge HOW we get there? Why do we label it good or bad or right or wrong rather than just being with whatever is present in our life?

Well…because we’re f&cking human and we have expectations and assumptions and wants and needs and desires, that’s why. But here’s the thing: Our wants and needs are handled FOR us – just maybe not HOW we feel they should be. The good news is they’re always handled FOR our highest good. Obviously there’s a reason I keep capitalizing FOR. The Universe is working FOR us…not against us. Quit getting it twisted. Even if you think you’re going down the wrong path, you’re NOT.

I know you’ve heard that many times before but it’s true. What looks bad, is always FOR your good. It’s not bad, it’s your judgment and preconceived notions that are calling it bad because you’ve predetermined what’s good. Yeah, reread that. You decided GOOD looks one way and BAD looks another and so you label and judge and judge and label and miss all the f&cking gratitude that is overflowing out of all these experiences if you just stopped assuming it all should be a different way. Accept what is. It’s that way FOR the best possible reasons. I wouldn’t lie to you..I never have and really I’m not sure how to – the truth is always simple and I’m a very simple person…quit f&cking up your life experience with all your judgment and just ride these waves…they’re all beautiful when you choose to judge them in a BEAUTIFUL way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful that everything is unfolding for my highest good.