Sometimes all it takes is one thought to change our entire mind about a situation. All it takes is one realization that clicks within us for everything to change. Isn’t that empowering? It might also be frustrating because you might be thinking, “How do I find that thought?” Well I’m going to tell you right now…you don’t FIND it. You allow it to awaken within you. How do you do that? Tune in and meditate.

Now I often try NOT to type affirmations that say, “Hey…just meditate!” I don’t do that because you need to connect with yourself in a way that serves you and resonates with you and meditation might do that for you…but it might not (at least not yet). Yeah, I know…but here’s the thing – you’re meditating while you’re sleeping too. Meditation doesn’t have to be fancy…it’s just a matter of being quiet and still enough to LISTEN to what your inner voice has to say. That inner voice, in case you were wondering IS in fact God, spirit, your Higher Self. Yes…God is IN you and all AROUND you. He works to you and through you my dear – so the next time your mind tries to tell you otherwise..remember the power is within.

The power is in you and so are the answers, but we can’t force them out. We can’t dig them up and we can’t make sh*t click when it’s not ready. But it simply will when it is. So then what exactly happens when you meditate to ignite that ONE thought? You tune in to truth, that’s what! You connect with your HEART which bypasses the mind that can often be so jaded. And when you connect with your heart…you gain wisdom that is beyond your years. You gain insights and knowledge and the best part is it’s SIMPLE and TRUE and jampacked with love for your highest good. You’ll know it when you hear it and it’ll immediately click and feel good and before you know it that simple moment of sitting in silence filled you up with power to overcome anything in your way. Today’s Daily affirmation is:

I am centered, grounded and empowered by the truth of my heart.