YOU are everything you THINK you are. That’s pretty f&cking powerful right? You are every single good feeling thought you can muster up in your mind. You are NOT any of those low-vibe, discouraging thoughts that often pop up…not at all.

Those negative thoughts are your only competition. Once you realize they aren’t real or true…then you will easily start to see everything you desire show up in front of you. What’s keeping your desires at bay? Your own mind. Your mind needs to play catch-up to the truth. You need to wrap your brain around the fact that you CAN have anything at all you desire and all you need to simply do is believe that. Once you believe it…you receive what you’re asking for.

That’s really it dolls…stop making it so complicated. Stop thinking you need to change yourself. Stop thinking you need to do more or be more in order to have more. You only need to realize you are amazing and worthy JUST AS YOU ARE. You need not change a damn thing. You are whatever you believe you are…but see…you get to choose what you believe. So here’s a tip: The truth always feels good. So whatever you’re thinking about yourself that doesn’t make you feel good…it’s a lie. Switch it up and start believing what’s true about you and watch your manifestations surprise you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am everything I've ever desired to be. My life is unfolding perfectly to help me realize I never needed to change a thing.