One of the hardest parts of doing what I do is allowing people to show up for themselves as much as you often want to help them…sometimes you can’t until they’re open to receiving the help. I tell every client that signs up to work with me one-on-one that A) this will require the least amount of physical effort and work ever and B) you must be OPEN and WILLING to the process.

I say that because I know what it’s like firsthand to “want” help but not be ready for the help. I’ve been on this spiritual path for well over 10 years. I started before I knew I started and had a mentor who thankfully was very kind and very patient with me. As stubborn as I was and as caught up in my ego as I could get…a little tough love never hurt me at all. See I went to her for guidance and wisdom but often even though I was asking…I didn’t want to hear what she was giving me. She always ended up being right because God works through her as he does now with me. I knew it was divinely sent guidance. I knew I NEEDED it but I would fight back quite often.

Recognizing this is all divinely coordinated and having been through it myself on the other end….I never question, doubt or worry about it…but my heart aches to want to help everyone. I can see things so clearly because God blessed me with that gift and when you see the ego working overtime for some you just have to step back and allow God to be God. It’s a tough lesson for sure. But if your spirit chooses who is your guide and if your ego is clouding that inner truth, of course you’re going to block the divine wisdom coming through that’s only going to benefit you. So let me leave you with this: Never take things personally – it’s not about you. Sure we have lessons in each encounter but others’ fears, attitudes and rudeness are not about you. They might poke at a part of you that needs a little TLC but bless them regardless because they’re caught in a mindtrap of fear with their eyes shut. If they simply opened their eyes they’d see all they had to do was turn the light on to see everything clearly…and then they’d be overwhelmed with gratitude rather than fear. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am open and willing to receive what I need.