Nothing happens out of order. Everything happens at the right time. When something doesn’t happen yet…it wasn’t meant to happen yet. It’s truly that simple. When something feels like it’s going the wrong way…it’s going the right way; trust it. We really lack so much trust in this process of life that is unfolding for us. We doubt and question EVERYTHING….don’t we?

Well STOP. Enough. Everything is as it should be. When you stop trying to understand it and force it…it’ll flow. When you just leave sh*t alone…it’ll happen. When you stop panicking about it…it’ll all work out. Why not take all those worries in your mind and toss them over to God so you can go about your day and have fun. Why not just focus on what is right in front of you in each and every moment KNOWING that whatever needs to happen WILL happen whether you’re worrying about it or not.

Like you don’t need to be focusing on it for it to take place. You don’t need to worry about it just so God knows you want it fixed. Let it be. Leave it alone. God knows your heart. He SEES everything. It is ok to go about your day and enjoy the moment without sitting and wondering if everything else will work itself out because I am letting you know IT WILL. And guess what…it works out WAY QUICKER when you don’t focus on it at all. So whatever happened for you today…was meant to happen. And that stuff you WISH had happened…it wasn’t supposed to happen yet. It’ll happen exactly when it’s ready to. It’ll happen when it’s not consuming you. Whatever took place today is preparing you for that day and the sooner you can trust that and let it be, the sooner it’ll show up the right way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I stop forcing and let it go so it can flow back to me the right way.