So many lessons and breakthroughs are taking place this month. Not just for my clients but also for myself and so I felt it was a perfect time before the month closes to deliver you a drop of knowledge on this Truthful Tuesday.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m turning 30. If you want the truth, I feared turning 25 and actually never thought I’d see 30. Not because of anything dramatically insane. Not because I lived any sort of reckless life. I didn’t. I just never actually never saw myself turning 30. Well, the Universe throws me curve-balls all the time and I’m humble enough to admit my faults and my way of thinking over the past several years wasn’t exactly positive. Not only because I was so negative about aging but it was also my refusal to grow. Double meaning there because I was obviously growing physically but clearly I was trying to avoid growing mentally, emotionally or even spiritually.

They say wisdom comes with age. I kind of disagree. Wisdom comes with openness and acceptance. This has no bearing on your age sometimes. Wisdom comes with humbling, surrendering and allowing yourself to become what you’re meant to become. I am wise. I can confidently say that. The only way I reached this level of wisdom was turning my attention inward rather than outward. When I felt fear, I looked within. When I felt pain, I examined myself and my soul. When I felt confused, worried, anxious, I turned my attention inward and examined WHY I was feeling this way. Instead of blaming other people for my circumstances, I took these feelings, emotions, bumps in the road and leveraged them as my roadmap for growth. When you turn your attention inward you realize these ‘feelings’ are only your perception of what is. So if you’re wondering, “WHY YOU?” If you’re experiencing constant roller coasters of emotions, today I want you to look inward. The answer is there. #TruthfulTuesday

When you turn your attention inward...


Winky Boo Wisdom

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Amy L. Fiedler is a certified holistic life coach and reiki master. Specializing in inner peace, self-love and conquering fear, Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you realign your path with your purpose and access your highest potential. Amy uses a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle with teaching practical spirituality resulting in a radical shift towards love, forgiveness, renewing your self-worth, accessing your inner peace and breaking through to happiness.