Any argument, war of words, battle you have with another in your life is actually one you are having with yourself. Let me explain dolls: Everything we are seeing and experiencing in this world is a mirror effect of what is happening internally within ourselves. The misunderstandings that take place are confusion within your own mind. When we live our lives through a split-mind, nothing other than confusion can happen.

What is a split-mind?

The ego-mind that we as humans created for ourselves, believing that our body is separate from our spirit (our true self). The ego isn’t real and it has no truth. The ego exists only as much as we allow it to. The ego works to keep you believing you are separate from yourself and separate from everyone else in the world. It makes you believe others are always attacking you and out to get you. That if there’s an argument it’s always the other person’s fault. It lies and manipulates for fear of you realizing that it’s illusions are non-existent. It knows that it has no power – only the power you choose to give it.

Listen to your right-mind, or your spirit and you will realize this is only truth. Truth is that we are all one, none of us are separate. Truth is that we are made in the likeness of God and since God is love, we are love and we only know love. Love is the only truth. When you recognize that no one can hurt you because they are merely hurting themselves, you will see them truthfully through the eyes of love. The eyes of love come from your spirit. When you look at others through your spiritual eyes you see them lovingly because your spirit recognizes their spirit. Whether the other person acknowledges or is aware of this or not does not matter because spirit is. This allows you to offer their spirit love which is healing from the battle they are waging inside. What you SHARE is what you RECEIVE because we are the creation of the Creator. Therefore we’re meant to extend his creations wherever we go. By sharing YOUR love with their spirit you have now extended what is within you to them – healing yourself and healing them. #TruthfulTuesday

We are never at war with anyone...


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