Balance is ever-evolving and something we should always be seeking in our lives. The key to maintaining balance in your life is being open to accepting change gracefully, as that is where you will find peace. Yes, they all work hand-in-hand (more on that later.) I was always one of those people who hated change. Yes, hated! The thought of it literally pissed me off to the core. But, I finally realized the longer I fight it the more the Universe is going to toss my way. So I learned to flow with it. That doesn’t mean the Universe stops changing things in your life – it just means that I am now able to flow with the current instead of against it; and if you’ve ever literally tried that, then you know how difficult it is. Definitely not impossible, but a lot more difficult then letting the current push you.

As a Holistic Life Coach my job is to work with the body as a whole – mind, body and spirit. That is the key to finding peace and balance in your life – allowing your mind, your body and your spirit to work together as one. Don’t fight the changes that come your way in any realm, flow with them, as they are happening for a purpose. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I choose to flow with the current not against it as that’s where I will find peace.