Everybody needs somebody to trust, talk to and confide in. Even I have people I turn to when I’m in need of advice – however, a lot of times we’re so desperately seeking an answer from someone else that we fail to realize we already know what to do. I would say about 97% of the time we already know what decision we want to make and what we should do and we seek those outside sources for confirmation. That’s ok – but what I want to affirm today is that we need to learn to trust ourselves better.

Trust your instincts, trust you gut feelings, trust your intuition. These tools are God-given and they do not steer you wrong. If you’re doubting = don’t do it. If you’re obsessing = stop, find your peace and trust the Universe will come through as it always does. God is always working for you, not against you. God is making things happen, even when you think you’re at a stand-still. Those internal feelings are his way of communicating with us – so when our free will comes into play, we don’t go and make a disaster out of things. Sure, that can still happen, but mostly when we ignore our intuition. Today’s Daily Affirmation:


Winky Boo Affirmations

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