No matter how organized, structured and balanced you think you are – life just has a silly little way of tossing out curve-balls when you least expect them. I constantly go through hills and valleys of staying focused, organized and feeling balanced. We are only human and we can’t expect to keep it all together all the time – no matter how hard we try.

It’s easy to get frustrated when this happens because no one likes being thrown off-kilter – not even me. When you go through bouts of feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, stressed or just worn out – take it in stride. Let yourself feel these emotions. Stress management isn’t about never having stress because that’s impossible. The goal is to have a mindset that despite the stressful situations, you can still find peace within. You can teach yourself to understand that it’s all happening for a reason. God wants you to slow down right now. He purposely made you over-sleep or get stuck in traffic. Don’t point the finger at others and don’t blame yourself for things like this. You can’t control the way the Universe works. You just need to accept it for what is it.

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Working for myself from home for 5 years I have everything down to a science, but I’m constantly being tossed curve-balls. Sure I like my routine and structure but I need to accept things as they come because they’re coming at me for a reason. Maybe I don’t understand quite yet but eventually it’ll make sense. There’s no reason to misinterpret the emotions, just feel them and be at peace with them. People don’t always understand my calmness – that I can be at peace no matter what is happening around me. It’s the simple concept of accepting that you are not in control. Trusting God and the Universe to take care of you always and looking for the lessons in what you experience. Trust me, it has taken years of self-care, self-love, self-discipline and truly getting to know myself, my spirit and my soul to reach this place of peace that for so long I admired in a mentor of mine. It all starts with you though and you too can reach this place of inner peace that is the root that holds all the branches of your life together. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am peace in the midst of chaos

Winky Boo Affirmations

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