Thoughts precede everything. That’s what American author Pat Heldman says. But it’s true! When you focus your thoughts on something, that something expands. In Pam Grout’s E-Squared book that as you know I absolutely adore (you can read about my ventures with her book here), she has you conduct an experiment using green bean seeds and an egg carton. The experiment has you basically focus love, light and intention onto one row of the green bean seeds you plant in the carton and pretty much ignore the other row. Basically what takes place and has taken place for the millions of readers who conducted this experiment from the book – the row that was focused on with intention sprouted and grew faster and taller then the row that was ignored. 

This is how our thoughts work. We can so easily get trapped into ego-minded thinking. This is fear-based thinking. I went over this yesterday in my blog titled: “NEWS FLASH: You Will Be Okay.” We project fears from our past forward onto our present events and future ones. This traps and blocks us from moving forward. We end up in a vicious cycle of events that keep resembling our past because we’ve pretty much created them from what has taken place in our past. This is not healthy, but we all have done it at least a few times until we finally realize there’s a lesson to be learned. Today’s affirmation is simple in context – focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. If you have trouble (like I so often do) mentally keeping your thoughts in check, as I mentioned yesterday, journal them out. Write down WHAT you want to happen. Write your story. Focus on it with love and intention. Then sit back and watch it unfold! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am focused on what I want.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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