I know they say perfection doesn’t exist, but did you know that you are perfect? Every single thing about you is perfect. Your individuality and unique qualities were given to you for a purpose. You are meant to embrace them, love them, cherish them, find the beauty in them. We aren’t meant to compare or look at someone else and think, “I want what they have.” If you were meant to have what they have, you’d be them. But you are you! That means, what you have is customized just FOR YOU! 

What you have is special. Who you are is special. Some of us take years to recognize this. Some spend years questioning this. Some even go out of their way down a destructive path to prove they are something else. This needs to stop! The way you look, the way you laugh, the way you joke, the way you walk, the style of clothing you’re drawn to, your many talents, your intelligence – ALL of this is specific to you. All of this is made for you. All of this is what you need to embrace. Once you recognize that even the quirks and weird habits you might think you have are beautiful to you, you open yourself up to love on the outside. Because until you wholly love yourself for all of you, every freakn’ ounce of you, until you do this – you have a padlock on the door to love in this life. So unlock the door, leave it open and start embracing all that YOU are. You are beautiful and amazing and made of love. That means we’re meant to love and be loved and what you see and experience in this world is a reflection of how you feel towards yourself. So if you’re ‘searching’ or ‘pondering’ why it’s not happening – that’s because you don’t feel it towards yourself yet. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My love for myself reflects the love I see around me.

Winky Boo Affirmations

~ ~ Winky Boo. Discover You. ~ ~