We are continually presented with opportunities to bless others. By blessing others we bless ourselves. I used to think that sounded a bit selfish – like the only reason to bless another is because you’ll receive a blessing in return. I thought, “That’s not a very good reason to be blessing to someone else.” Though it’s true that you will receive a blessing in return, it doesn’t make it selfish and here’s why: When you are given the opportunity to help another, teach another, guide, love or simply be kind – the opportunity is presented to YOU – specifically YOU for a reason. It’s because you also NEED that blessing that you are about to offer to them.

Whatever you are about to ‘help’ them with is something you also need or need to learn. For instance, I’ve been personally working on a lesson regarding abundance. As I’ve said in other posts, I don’t plan these things out, I let my spirit guide me at it’s pace. Sometimes I will not work on something for a few days because I don’t feel an urge in my spirit to – like I need more time for whatever I just worked on, read or studied to sink in. It’s always spot-on because by the time I get back into what I’m doing a few days later, I’ve gone through something where the upcoming information is crucial at this point in time or sometimes it happens the other way around. Regardless, it always happens. The same thing happened just the other day with this lesson on abundance. As I’m working on it, I’m suddenly presented with several opportunities to help another with it – teach it basically. I have said before that I sometimes end up teaching what I am presently learning and this was one of those times. It’s essentially a lesson for myself as I teach it. Though I’ve studied it and learned what I needed up to that point, I was now tested. I was given an opportunity not once, but a few times to be quizzed on it. But I wasn’t even thinking about the synchronicity of these events at the time I just taught and coached and when I reflected later on that day I realized that everything I had just taught was something I needed to hear or hear again. 

Essentially I was blessed as I blessed them with the guidance, wisdom and insights I was given. This is why I love what I do. But that’s for another day. Today I just want you to recognize that when you are given the opportunity to help another, calm another down, give some advice, offer a helping hand, a kind smile, a loving word, etc., etc. Do not turn away from the opportunity. That opportunity is not only for them, it’s also for you. You might not understand WHY at the time, but it will always make sense later. Be mindful of these opportunities as they are opportunities for growth. They’re like pop quizzes for life! But when you can understand it from that standpoint – that context – you’ll realize that this person or situation isn’t being presented to you to annoy you – piss you off- frustrate you – hurt you, this person/situation is here to help you grow and they were sent to you because only you can help them grow. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am embracing every opportunity to be a blessing...

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