Are you struggling through something? Experiencing turmoil in a certain part of your life? Aside from Mercury still being in Retrograde until the 28th (just a few more days, breathe it out!) you might want to take a step back and really look at yourself and your situation. This is a time for reflection and maybe your situation seems a lot worse because you’ve let it affect your attitude.

We’re all human, so it happens but you need to muster up a little bit of strength and realize that everything happens for a reason – good things, bad things, all things HAPPEN for a REASON. Once you recognize that and accept it, look at your attitude. Yes, right now – take a good hard look at it. Are you being negative about your situation? It might be easy to. You might even have every excuse in the book to be negative about your situation. But negativity is a funny, sneaky little thing. It seeps into your brain without you realizing it and acts as a bouncy ball, bouncing from one situation to the next – or even one person to the next. So you need to stop it dead in it’s tracks. Check yourself, check your attitude, be grateful because things could ALWAYS be a lot worse and realize that attitude is everything. You could change your situation around in a heartbeat if you simply just start looking at it differently. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I refuse to feed into the negativity.