We often don’t realize how important patience is until we act out of impatience and don’t get the results we were hoping for. Patience, the simple act of being patient allows your spirit to step forward revealing truth once you are willing and open to receive it. Patience in the midst of an argument allows your mind to shift from fear to love because it is within that pause, that breath, that brief break where you just wait, that something incredible happens. Spirit overtakes the illusions the ego is trying to project. When we act too quick, we usually act off our ego. But when we wait for the right moment, the moment that we’re guided to move or speak, we respond with truth and from a truthful place.

Don’t you realize that every little thing that is meant for you will not pass you by. That sentence has amazing power within it because it means that no matter what, what’s yours will be yours.

Don’t lose your patience if what you have been hoping or dreaming of isn’t here yet. There’s something you don’t know yet that you need to know, to be prepared when it arrives. There’s someone you must still meet, before it comes to pass. Nothing is out of order. Everything is happening just as it should, on time, all the time. Every single thing is exactly as it should be right now in this moment. There’s amazing freedom once you accept that. So be patient. Be patient in all things because that is where your power lies. That is where your strength awaits – in that pause before miracles take place. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I recognize that my power rests in my patience.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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