Have you ever found yourself smiling for no reason at all? Have you ever found yourself getting really excited about everything and anything and yet when you try to rationalize it, there’s no logic behind it? This is how it feels when you see everything through your spirit. This is what it’s like to truly be whole and happy. This is what I strive for with clients. This is my wish for you.

It took me years to reach a place of profound bliss. To recognize that nothing outside of myself matters. And by matters I mean it holds no weight on my truth or my happiness. So many people ramble that off, throw that phrase out there but don’t understand the depth of it. It’s so easy to fall into the ego trap of forgetting who we are. Forgetting how amazing and powerful we are. Forgetting that at our core we are pure love and light. When we “forget” we lose trust in ourselves. That’s when everything seems to affect you.

External influences bring you down, get you upset, give you anxiety. You become uneasy and unsure of what to say or do. You lose focus and your peace flies right out the window. You question your worthiness and start reaching for outside stuff to make you remember. You strive to find your happiness and worth in others when all in all you were merely triggered and the ego crept in clouding your vision of your truth. The only way to clear the fog is to eliminate the external stuff. All those factors that without even realizing it are influencing our opinions of ourselves. You’ve heard it all, “Look within,” “Focus on your own grass and not someone else’s.” You’ve heard top gurus say, “Live your truth,” or “All that you need is within you.” But most of you didn’t know what any of that even meant. Well THIS is what it meant. LET GO of the distractions. Let go of the sh*t that triggers you. Let it GO, eliminate it completely. That is when you will begin to remember who you are and just how amazing and powerful you truly are! That is when for no damn reason at all (and yet every reason you can think of!) you’ll be walking around with a smile on your face completely at ease. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am letting go of the distractions and leaning into my happiness in order to live a blissful life.

Winky Boo Affirmations

~ ~ Winky Boo. Discover You. ~ ~