So many of us try so hard to force our growth. Force an outcome. Force a response. Force ourselves to move forward faster than we’re actually ready to. Force does NOT get you anywhere. Force actually is counterproductive. It stops you, blocks you and often sends you a bit in reverse – at least temporarily.

Information comes to you when the time is right. Spiritually, I’m speaking. Spiritually AND realistically everything happens at exactly the right time. Even the sh*t you didn’t want to happen, that happened – it needed to happen and it needed to happen exactly when it did. That break-up, make-up, phone call, text message, new job, job loss, marriage, birth, car accident, new car, new house, sickness, healing – should I continue?

Let your life flow. Let your worries go. I promise I’m not intentionally trying to rhyme here but perhaps it’ll stick with you being that I did. Everything is going according to plan. Sure…not YOUR plan – a better version of YOUR plan. A plan that has YOUR end goal amplified times a million. A plan that is going to serve you best. A plan that sees the ins and outs and ups and downs ahead of time. A plan that may feel like it’s taking forever, but it’s just giving you time to learn a few things, heal a few things, become wiser, stronger and happier before BOOM it knocks you out with pure and utter amazement. Yeah…that kind of plan – that’s the one that’s unfolding right now for you. So quit trying to force sh*t to unfold and let it be. Your ending is happy – that’s guaranteed! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I let my life flow. I let my worries go. Life is about to blow my mind!